Oregon Timber Trail Association and Route Introduction

Thursday, March 23rd, 6-9pm
Base Camp Brewing
Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Timber Trail is a world-class bikepacking destination and North America’s premiere long-distance mountain bike route. It runs the length of Oregon—from California to the Columbia River Gorge—and covers a variety of landscapes, communities, ecosystems, terrain, and, most importantly, mountain bike trails. Divided into four unique tiers, the Timber Trail is approachable by a wide variety of cyclists. If it sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken: the Timber Trail is inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail and other trails in the National Scenic Trail system. But, what sets it apart is that it’s designed for mountain biking and consists of more than 50% single-track.

We're excited to share the Oregon Timber Trail route and Association (OTTA) with you. It's a large complex concept with a vision for Oregon's future as a leader in recreation. We've spent 18 months developing the Timber Trail thus far and identified the need for a statewide organization to continue shepherding its timeline. We'll introduce the OTTA board, development progression, and how you can get involved. And most importantly we'll share the route, riding logistics, stories from the field, and how you can ride it yourself.

See you on Thursday.