Development update, charrette findings, and moving forward

Behind the scenes the Oregon Timber Trail has gone through a great amount of formative progression since the concept's birth in late 2015. If you're interested in learning about the in-depth process we've facilitated with land managers and key stakeholders throughout the state you can download our full report at the link below. 

But to summarize, over the last 12-ish months we have:

  • Defined the desired experience and target audience of the Oregon Timber Trail (OTT)
  • Presented the OTT concept to audiences more than 16 times
  • Engaged over 100 stakeholders and solicited feedback
  • Contacted more than 40 trail user groups along the route's alignment
  • Traveled across the state to tour the route's landscape and meet with local land managers
  • Kept the route's alignment fluid in order to maintain an optimized experience for all trail users
  • Began organizing volunteer stewardship opportunities and educational programs
  • Identified under-utilized resources and the means to bring them online 
  • Publicly shared the route concept and developed a communication plan
  • Established the need for a non-profit trail organization and coalesced a diverse member board 
  • Inspired many to come and explore Oregon's varied natural and cultural landscapes

These findings, along with a detailed and revised route alignment have been submitted to the U.S. Forest Service for review. Pending their approval of concept the Oregon Timber Trail is poised to publicly launch a detailed route guide and plan for sustainable development in the spring of 2017. 

Download and read the full report here.