Saws & Gauze - Sawyer and CPR First Aid Certification weekend

A few weeks ago the Oregon Timber Trail Association coordinated a weekend of educational programs to train and certify volunteer trail stewards for the upcoming trail work season. One of the priority needs the OTTA identified in both the Willamette and Fremont Tiers was not only more volunteers, but more volunteers that were certified to clear trails with power saws each season and in burn and beetle kill areas. Some of the trails that the OTT links up haven't been cleared in half a decade or more so we're dedicating our volunteer efforts to opening these trails back up over the next couple years.

McKenzie Fire & Rescue swung by to teach the requisite CPR First Aid course on day one and the Willamette National Forest took the initiative in teaching the 2-day sawyer course using new standardized USFS requirements and a knowledgeable group from Disciples of Dirt on hand assisting with instruction. Horse Creek Lodge served as a perfect home base for the course and also served up heaping plates of delicious food for all the attendees. With Stumptown Coffee and Base Camp beer bookending each day we all wrapped up our weekend chock full of knowledge, food, and a bunch of new friends we'll see out on the trail as soon as the snow melts. 

All told we certified and re-certified over twenty trail stewards from Portland, Oakridge, Salem, Bend, and further afield. With over a dozen people on the course waiting list we're actively trying to nail down a second certification weekend this spring. Join the OTTA newsletter below to be the first to learn about educational opportunities in the future. 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended or helped make the course happen and everyone else out there doing their part for our public trails.