In Photos: Yamsay Mountain Recovery Stewardship Campout


Our first stewardship event of the season and 3rd annual Fremont Tier Stewardship Campout tackled the last section of the Fremont National Recreation Trail that had yet to see our saws, loppers, and shovels. We encountered snow, sun, rain, and an endless sea of ceanothus. This section became notorious in 2018 and ultimately resulted in an official detour. We’re happy to report that we cleared approximately 25 miles of the trail from Farm Wells, over Hager Mountain, through Auger Valley & Silver Creek Marsh, and onwards up the slopes of Yamsay to Antler Trailhead where the remaining snowpack still lingered. We’ll have to come back in a few weeks to finish off the remaining 10 miles to the summit.

  • Cleared, logged out, and brushed a total of 25 miles of trail. From Antler TH to Farm Wells Campground.

  • Cut out approx 80-90 downed trees.

  • Put in the requested re-route around the spring / mud hole just SW of the Silver Creek Marsh CG. Approx 300 yards. This was a pretty tough piece to put in. Super brushy and rooty with several large downed trees as well.

  • Did a scouting trip to evaluate work and flagged possible re-routes in the Watson Creek Fire area and Winter Rim.

  • We also have a game plan to clear the rest of the trail up and over Yamsay Mountain.

We were lucky enough to have Nashi Ramen join us to provide a decadent spread for our volunteers each day—it’s going to be hard to beat paella and ramen! As always, thanks to our generous sponsors for supporting trails in Oregon making these stewardship events possible!

Photos by Gabriel Amadeus / OTTA:

Photos by Josh Roppo:

Photos by Lee Goode:

Photos by Jacob Olsen: