Cog Wild Offering Supported Oregon Timber Trail Trips in 2019


One of the first questions we get asked is “Can I hire a guide to take me on the Timber Trail?” Now the answer is yes! The Oregon Timber Trail Alliance has partnered with Cog Wild to offer guided and supported trips in the Deschutes and Fremont Tiers this summer.

“Last year our office was flooded with calls inquiring about the Oregon Timber Trail. We got questions about shuttles, routes, and support. So, we figured we'd create our own solution to the inquiries- offer fully supported guided tours on designated segments of the OTT for those who don't have the time nor the desire to tackle the beast single handed.”

Check out the details and book your trip here:

The Fremont Tier is offered July 3-6

The Deschutes Tier is offered September 9-12

As a bonus, Cog Wild has promised to donate 10% of each trip booked on the OTT back to the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance!

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