2018 Hood Stewardship Campout

Our fourth Stewardship Campout of the season was also the was also the quickest to fill up thanks to the collaboration with ultra running community and Go Beyond Racing. These trails not only intersect with the PCT but also serve as the course for a sold-out 100 mile running race. 

They presented a special challenge for us, here the problem was not so much underuse but over-use and poor drainage. Much of the trail has funneled water down steep slopes badly eroding the tread and turning a trail into a rock gully. We focused on shedding the water off the trail, adding grade reversals, and eliminating fall-line sections. 

Take a look at the galleries and Olallie Lakes Loop below—but be warned the singletrack is rough, and bouldery, we've got a lot more rehabilitation work to do out there. 

We (and now you!) owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our volunteer trail workers—we had people join us from all over the west coast. Hats off to all our dedicated volunteers! 

We also want to extend a huge thanks to the organizations that support us: Alpine RunningBase Camp BrewingCrux Ridge RunningDaybreak RacingFood for the SoleHumm KombuchaNicky USAStumptown CoffeeTall Town Bike and Camp10 Barrel BrewingTimberline Construction, as well as Jacque for helping to serve up such delicious meals for all our volunteers!