2018 Deschutes Tier Stewardship Campout


After our work event's thunderstorms and snow flurries in the Fremont Tier over Memorial Day weekend we thought for sure we had left winter behind us. Nope. The forecast near our work site on the Deschutes Tier called for a "Heavy wintery mix." This was on June 9th mind you. Nonetheless we persevered and accomplished a ton of log out, drainage, and water crossings along the whole Lemish-Charlton Loop, Waldo Lake Loop, and Cultus Lake Loop deep in the Cascade Lakes zone. 

We had a handful of rockstars come out of the woodwork for this event including Kerry a 2017 OTT Pioneer from New Mexico, professional trail builder Anna Vacca spearheading an elevated walkway, Nathan & Co. tackling the Waldo Lake Loop in a blizzard, Hannah and Sarah with duck stew, Locke from Prescott, Tad with a hot tub (yes a hot tub), and of course Moxie and Moonshine—our trusty trail llamas. 

We (and now you!) owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our volunteer trail workers—we had people join us from as far away as Montana and New Mexico. Hats off to all our dedicated volunteers! 

We also want to extend a huge thanks to the organizations that support us: Alpine RunningBase Camp BrewingCrux Ridge RunningDaybreak RacingFood for the SoleHumm KombuchaNicky USAStumptown CoffeeTall Town Bike and Camp10 Barrel BrewingTimberline Construction, as well as Hannah and Sarah for serving up such delicious meals for all our volunteers!