2018 Fremont Tier Stewardship Campout in Photos

The Fremont Tier continues to hold its intrigue—the most remote of our Stewardship Campouts also was the first to fill up. Thirty-five hard working volunteers cleared and improved roughly 130 miles of the Oregon Timber Trail over the course of our 6 day event. We experienced sun, snow, mosquitos, and a nearly constant wind. We've done our part, now what this vast section of the Oregon Timber Trail needs more than anything is your wheels, feet, eyes, and soul to go experience it. Get out there and tag us in your photos! 

Check out our galleries below and an annotated map of the trails cleared and suggested rides.

We (and now you!) owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our volunteer trail workers—we had people join us from as far away as Bozeman and as close as Lakeview. Hats off to all our dedicated volunteers! 

We also want to extend a huge thanks to the organizations that support us: Alpine RunningBase Camp BrewingCrux Ridge RunningDaybreak RacingFood for the SoleHumm KombuchaNicky USAStumptown CoffeeTall Town Bike and Camp10 Barrel BrewingTimberline Construction, as well as Hannah and Charlie for serving up such delicious meals for all our volunteers!