CLINIC - Cooking in the Backcountry

Photo: Gabriel Amadeus

Photo: Gabriel Amadeus


This event is FULL, stayed tuned for a recap on our blog and a link to our recipe zine. 

May 10
Velo Cult

Presented by:

Becky Newman of Makeshifter Canvas Works
Ashley Lance
Gabriel Amadeus of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance

Sick of Mountain Pantry and Backcountry House? Wish they were about $10 cheaper? Join us for an evening clinic where we teach you to dehydrate your own ingredients, create your own delicious recipes, and eat your own meals on the trail for pennies on the dollar. We cover bulk preparation, nutritional needs, cooking methods, and adaptability. 

While this is a free event (donations accepted at the door) we're asking that people register because we'll be shopping and sending everyone home with a delicious camp meal. 

registration is closed