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 © Gabriel Amadeus

© Gabriel Amadeus


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The Route Guide is available in PDF form for easy offline storage on your phone. Many segments have challenges or highlights not represented in the GPS files. The Route Guide is an essential tool to be used in tandem with the GPS files while riding the Oregon Timber Trail. 

Download the Route Guide here.



Updated August 5th, 2017: Old Cascade Crest Segment

Updated July 31st, 2017: Winter Rim Segment and Mazama Blowout Segment

The route and associated POI waypoints can be downloaded as one big file or broken down into ten segments. Using these files with confidence in the backcountry is often one of the biggest hurdles to riding a new route. Know how your device and app work, know how to save for offline use, and go practice navigating out of cell range. These files are absolutely essential to successfully riding the Oregon Timber Trail. 

Many people are looking for a self-powered way to get to the start of the route. Amtrak can get you to Klamath Falls and you can either ride pavement to the southern terminus or a mostly dirt route that skips the first 70 miles of the Oregon Timber Trail. Swing by Zach's Bikes in Klamath Falls for last minute bike needs or inquiries about shuttle services. 

View or download a mostly paved route from Klamath Falls to the southern terminus. (116 miles)

View or download a mostly offroad route from Klamath Falls to Moss Pass, at mile 70 of the OTT. (108 miles) 

Download the full 2017 Oregon Timber Trail route here as one big GPX file.