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 © Gabriel Amadeus

© Gabriel Amadeus


This lengthy route guide and hundreds of detailed route files are provided to you at no cost. We're happy you're interested in exploring Oregon!

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The Route Guide is available in PDF form for easy offline storage on your phone. Many segments have challenges or highlights not represented in the GPS files. The Route Guide is an essential tool to be used in tandem with the GPS files while riding the Oregon Timber Trail. 

Download the 2018 Route Guide here. 



Updated June 26th, 2018: All segments and route files

The route and associated POI waypoints can be downloaded as one big file or broken down into ten segments. Using these files with confidence in the backcountry is often one of the biggest hurdles to riding a new route. Know how your device and app work, know how to save for offline use, and go practice navigating out of cell range. These files are absolutely essential to successfully riding the Oregon Timber Trail. 

Many people are looking for a self-powered way to get to the start of the route. Amtrak can get you to Klamath Falls and you can either ride pavement to the southern terminus or a mostly dirt route that skips the first 70 miles of the Oregon Timber Trail. Swing by Zach's Bikes in Klamath Falls or Tall Town Bike and Camp in Lakeview for last minute bike needs or inquiries about logistics. Alternatively, and new for 2018 you can take the Sage Stage (reservations required) from Redding, Reno, or Klamath Falls to Alturas CA. Alturas is a short 59 miles from the southern terminus and the Alturas Highgrade route travels through the Modoc National Forest and along the Highgrade National Recreation Trail. 

Getting to the southern terminus

From Klamath Falls and the Amtrak Station:
View or download a mostly paved route from Klamath Falls to the southern terminus. (116 miles)

From Klamath Falls and the Amtrak Station:
View or download a mostly dirt route from Klamath Falls to Moss Pass, at mile 70 of the OTT. (108 miles) 

From Alturas CA and the Sage Stage Bus Stop:
View or download a mostly dirt route from Alturas, CA to Cave Lake and the southern terminus of the OTT. (59 miles) Be prepared: this route contains some difficult (and steep) route finding along the Highgrade NRT. 

Download the full 2018 Oregon Timber Trail route here as one big GPX file.


Printable and Georeferenced.

These PDF files are produced with US Forest Service topographical maps at a 1:36,000 scale and georeferenced for your convenience. We recommend the Avenza app for using georeferenced PDF files. The PDFs are also exported at an 8.5x11" size if you'd prefer to print them. They do NOT, however, contain the POI data for water sources, services, and trailheads that the GPX files contain. Use them in tandem with our other resources.

View and download all 100(!) PDF files here. 

As noted above, all these detailed route files and resources are the result of countless hours of hard work by many people. If you appreciate them, please consider donating to the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance. Your donation makes these updates possible, feeds our hundreds of stewardship volunteers, and helps build new trail connectors. Thank you.


The contents of the above resources are purely for informational purposes and are intended as a reference guide. The creators and everyone involved in the production of this guide make no warranty of correctness or thoroughness and disclaim any and all liability from its use.