How much new trail do we have to build?

None. The Oregon Timber Trail route is a collection of pre-existing trails.  The development of the Oregon Timber Trail Route does not require any construction of new trail or any ground disturbing activities. The Oregon Timber Trail does not propose any trail use changes. 


But how many of those trails are illegal to bike on?

Zero. The alignment is currently 100% legally accessible by bicycle on multi-use trails and public forest roads. The alignment carefully avoids Wilderness areas and other trails not permissible or suitable to bicycle on.


So I can go ride it right now? 

Well... technically yes, but be warned that many sections are in a rugged, primitive state. We're interested in creating a world-class experience and will be clearing trails and improving alignment over the next few years.


How can I help? 

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The Oregon Timber Trail Alliance (OTTA) is a 501(c)(3) that works closely with Limberlost, Travel Oregon, and the United States Forest Service. The OTTA is dedicated to Stewardship of land, Education of users, engagement in the Community, and improving Experience of users along the Oregon Timber Trail corridor. 

Who are you anyway?


I have a question. 

Is that a question? Feel free to direct all inquiries to our contact page. We'll respond promptly.