The Oregon Timber Trail is an iconic singletrack mountain bike route across the state of Oregon from California to the Columbia River Gorge.



The Oregon Timber Trail covers a variety of climates, communities, ecosystems, roads, elevation, and most importantly: mountain bike trails. At 650 miles long it is an inspirational route—ambitious as a whole—but divided into four unique tier sections the Oregon Timber Trail is approachable by a wide variety of cyclists.


If it sounds familiar you're not mistaken. The Oregon Timber Trail was inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail, the Oregon Outback, the Great Divide Route, and thru-trails in National Scenic Trail system. What sets the Oregon Timber Trail apart is that it's designed for mountain biking and consists of 55% singletrack.

The development of the Oregon Timber Trail's exact alignment is ongoing and the detailed route guide will be released early in 2017. 

The Oregon Timber Trail is a unique multi-day mountain biking experience of unprecedented quality in North America.


Modoc Mines to Chemult. 

Remote, rugged riding, and grandiose vistas through the Oregon Outback. 

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Timpanogas to Waldo Lake via Oakridge.

Legendary trail systems, lush green forests, and roaring rivers.

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Waldo Lake to Santiam Pass.

Alpine riding, dry high-desert climate, historic wagon roads, and mountain views.

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Santiam Pass to Hood River.

Forest camps, hot springs, Mt. Hood, and the
Columbia River Gorge.

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